3 Regions

An Introduction to our current products

1 – Hajj and Umrah

These services for the pilgrims in Islam are a sacred religious ceremony and we will endeavor to provide you with a purely accurate and spiritual guidance for the entirety of your journey

The Holy Sanctum at Makkah


2 – Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the largest Muslim countries in the World. As such it has an amazing array of halal and halal friendly food, locations and entertainments.

Join one of our Malaysia Tours to completely change your view of Asia.

There are 2 types of tour – CITY or ADVENTURE

CITY – Will show you the bustling Cities of Malaysia’s West Coast. Showcasing an impressive array or architecture, culinary delights and spiritual havens, The cities of Malaysia are surprisingly clean and well kept. Starting in Kuala Lumpur, you will have a few days to adjust and soak up local attractions and sights, followed by a day visit to the renowned city of Malacca with its incredibly unique architecture. Finally you will be whisked away to Penang Island where you will have the chance to see an intriguingly different side of Malay culture.

ADVENTURE – Here we start in the West coast, Briefly viewing South East Asian City life, but very soon you will be whisked off to a far flung island on the East coast. Days of Basking, Diving and relaxing on a slow remote Island; where only halal food is available; will be beautifully contrasted by the thriving and teeming stop in the Teman Negara (National Park – Jungle) in the Center of Malaysia as we work our return to Kuala Lumpur and a final glimpse of City life before you depart.

Jungle Boat trip in Teman Negara (National Park)

3 – Oman

Oman Has not been finalised yet. Please feel free to sign up to our newsletter for details of this trip when it becomes available.

Oman can serve as a tourist or cyclist destination and we are looking to provide services for both.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque – Muscat, Oman

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